Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Plymouth University Alumni Mag 2012/13

Plymouth Uni contacted me and asked whether I would produce the cover for their 2012/13 Alumni Magazine, of course I said yes! Straight away I'm going to say here, this could have been A LOT better! They wanted something colourful and child-like that was different to the two previous covers that followed the blue-ish colour scheme.
I slipped into the conventional colour scheme with my first design, so I'm glad that they asked me to change it up a bit.

Anyhew, enjoy!


Monday, 5 November 2012

New Comic Strip.

I am back once again to doing my daily sketches and today I had another go at doing a space hamster comic strip. You will have noticed that the item in the strip that becomes the target of destruction is in fact Marcel Duchamp's famous 'Fountain' during his time with the Dada art movement. 

Looking at this strip I wonder why or what it was that compelled me to draw a strip, destroying a famous piece of art. The only answer that I can think of is the simple task of communicating humour to the audience, much the same way as Duchamp did when he submitted a urinal to the Society of Independent Artists really as to make a joke about the preconceptions of what is art. Asking myself why I do a drawing is a question I sometimes feel I don't ask enough of and it is something to consider and exercise in future projects. I guess the tour guide radio was right, this was thought provoking.