Thursday, 13 September 2012

Canyon City concept art for a fantasy mmo
Firstly thanks to everyone for setting up this collective, I cant wait to see what everyone produces :)

To start things off Ill post my latest portfolio piece I finished a couple of days ago. Its part of a series of fantasy mmo concepts I did for my last university project. My portfolio pieces, in order to keep them consistent, will all be related to this series for now. Also I created a new portfolio site today over on DA portfolio: Really easy to use, and lots of storage for a free portfolio, quite impressed, its much better than the carbon made one I am using currently.

Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost...

To kick things off with the collective I have uploaded an image, of what came to my mind with the phrase forgotten corner. For me it is a place specifically isolated, hidden away from all knowledge of people but known to the few that know where to look, also I deem it something special when you have or know of something that is unobserved, similar to a little secret. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not everything goes according to your plan...

No, it doesn't. Unfortunately not. And everyone tries to find a way of dealing with difficult situations.
This is a way I dealt with it. I guess you can imagine what is was about. So there it is. I'm sure many people will find themselves in there.

Time-lapse of the process

Poster dedicated to the Forgotten corner

What is Forgotten corner? Place abandoned, left behind, not looked after, not taken care of. Everyone looked at it in a different way. Well this is what I saw when I kept saying it over and over again in my head. A place that used to be packed with people, a place that used to be fun....but for some reason it's not anymore. Now a place with something creepy around. With all the glamour gone forever. The Forgotten corner. 
Little insight of the process

New Illustration!

Since finishing University in July, asides from a long holiday I've been working into my portfolio, so this will be the first of many new pieces being added to the site!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012