Sunday, 30 December 2012


Dave and I were pondering on what we could work on together as a group, something optional that didn't put pressure on each individual in terms of time and quantity. We came to the conclusion that an eight-panel comic could be an exciting illustrative challenge. If this little venture succeeds, we'll end up with an eight panel-comic with each panel drawn by a different person. We started with the theme 'grim'. Not such a bright start but Mr Hooper is deciding the next turn in our short story, will he lighten the mood or draw the narrative down a dark path...?

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hello fellow bloggers, Dave here with a selection of concepts for a comic book character that I am co-designing with a Sam from the comic shop. Essentially I am trying to create a 'cowl' like mask for this hero that incorporates the fedora hat. We also want to try and make him distinguished from other comic characters that have a similar design such as The Spirit, Green Hornet, The Shadow etc. At one point I even applied an old fashioned motor cycle cap to be used as part of his disguise. 

So far it has been an engaging exercise to push the boundaries a little on concept and design and I hope I get to see this project through to the end, and maybe illustrate his first outing maybe. Who knows.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Friday past, I have seen 'The Hobbit' and was absolutely amazed by Peter Jackson's adaptation of the classic children's novel that most of us adore. Though of course they have altered some scenes that I felt were key in the development of Bilbo becoming the hero. I digress this is not a film review. I decided instead of doing normal Christmas cards for my friends and family I have instead decided to something different for each of them. Case in point here is this illustration of Bilbo meeting Gandalf in 'The Hobbit' which has been appropriated as a Christmas card. This has become my second illustration from the book 'The Hobbit' and I have to say its a story I would love to illustrate fully just like Tolkien and other illustrators after him. 

Monday, 10 December 2012


A small comic strip that was also created for me and my girlfriend's anniversary with it being a little nostalgic reminder of our trip to Paris last year. 

Saturday, 8 December 2012


I can now at last unveil some of my recent work to all you great people out there. This image was designed for an anniversary card for my girlfriend which has just past and needless to say she was delighted with the portrayal of us which I think is pretty spot on. As you can see I have been continuing practicing my colour theory and am pleased that its getting better than how it used to be before. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Plymouth University Alumni Mag 2012/13

Plymouth Uni contacted me and asked whether I would produce the cover for their 2012/13 Alumni Magazine, of course I said yes! Straight away I'm going to say here, this could have been A LOT better! They wanted something colourful and child-like that was different to the two previous covers that followed the blue-ish colour scheme.
I slipped into the conventional colour scheme with my first design, so I'm glad that they asked me to change it up a bit.

Anyhew, enjoy!


Monday, 5 November 2012

New Comic Strip.

I am back once again to doing my daily sketches and today I had another go at doing a space hamster comic strip. You will have noticed that the item in the strip that becomes the target of destruction is in fact Marcel Duchamp's famous 'Fountain' during his time with the Dada art movement. 

Looking at this strip I wonder why or what it was that compelled me to draw a strip, destroying a famous piece of art. The only answer that I can think of is the simple task of communicating humour to the audience, much the same way as Duchamp did when he submitted a urinal to the Society of Independent Artists really as to make a joke about the preconceptions of what is art. Asking myself why I do a drawing is a question I sometimes feel I don't ask enough of and it is something to consider and exercise in future projects. I guess the tour guide radio was right, this was thought provoking.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Specter

Hey guys it’s been awhile since I last posted something up on the blog, needless to say I have been busy working on a few projects. Today I can finally unveil a piece of work that I collaboratively made with another artist, Steve May. The piece was an interesting challenge to integrate two separate styles that are to be displayed on the same plain as each other. The piece will be displayed at the Armadacon in Plymouth and will be up for auction with the proceeds going towards a charity.
I am also currently working on a 4 page narrative with a story that ties in with my family history specifically in WWII and doing a comic anthology with a local group based in the South West region too, so exciting little things happening that may turn into something later on. 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Aaaaand another portrait

Messing around and cleaning up after, exploring and getting lost, experimenting and getting big bang out of it, learning and failing...then exhausted falling into the depths of my armchair...


Back to digital...

I know I mentioned some time ago I decided to practice more water colours...and look, I'm right back where I started, digital stuff. More exactly - Adobe Illustrator and all the joy and happiness that comes along with it : )) 
In a way I think this piece was inspired by a recent discovery of Lichtenstein's painting "Cable", which went missing for about 42 years. 

The next one is still work in progress, but I'm sure I'll keep you posted as soon as possible. 


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Strange things happen

Ok, guys, this is something I've been working on for last two weeks. I have to say it's been delightful cooperation with a client, they were very helpful and we kept in touch for the whole time, discussing all the details and anything I was interested in, I just asked the question and got an answer immediately.  Unfortunately what originally was meant to be a cover for a photo book had been turned into T-shirt design. It's all about this guy, Kamil Holan, who won The Isle Of Man TT Newcomer's 2012. It's the first Czech guy ever who won this and it took some balls to do it, so thumbs up for this racer, it's a hell of a success.

Initial wraparound cover:

And the T-shirt designs:


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I've moved....

Hi all!
I've now made the move from Blogger to Posterous in anticipation of the relaunch of my site and Portfolio.
Please share your thoughts and go check it out at

Monday, 8 October 2012

Shaun of the dead

I was going to do a poster for this film ages ago, when it came out but never got myself to do it. Couple of days ago 
I went through my DVD collection ( yes, some of us still keep DVDs, even in the age of downloads : ) and found SOTD.  
I couldn't resist and watched it right away and few days later it made me sit down and actually do it.Then some time later I realized how much time I spent on this, while there is something else I should be working on right now. However it was a good exercise, that should help me with my current project. Of course I could spend lot more time on it and I wouldn't call it perfect, but hey, I did it for the fun of it. Hope you like it!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Comic Strip

Just to update the blog with a little something, here is a comic strip that is part of my daily sketch regime that I recently started. I got pretty cheesed off (yes I am allowed to say that) with some people yesterday so I decided to vent said frustration in a creative manner. Again I have called upon the great 'Space Hamster' to aide this cause and the age old nursery rhyme of 'The Muffin Man'. Now I have to apologize for misspelling Drury in this strip but I hope it is still clear enough that it ties in with the 'Muffin Man'.

I had a lot of fun putting this little piece together and has made me think that I ought to do more sequential imagery than just 'pin-up' illustrations so that I may continue to get better at telling narratives sequential which is essentially what I want to do rather than just do one off drawings.

Little practice with water colours...

it's been a while since I used water colours, so I thought maybe it's the time to come back to them and do some analogue work, instead of digital I've been on for quite a while. So here it is, hope you like it!

Also ( looks like it has become my habit lately  ) little bit of the process


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Canyon City concept art for a fantasy mmo
Firstly thanks to everyone for setting up this collective, I cant wait to see what everyone produces :)

To start things off Ill post my latest portfolio piece I finished a couple of days ago. Its part of a series of fantasy mmo concepts I did for my last university project. My portfolio pieces, in order to keep them consistent, will all be related to this series for now. Also I created a new portfolio site today over on DA portfolio: Really easy to use, and lots of storage for a free portfolio, quite impressed, its much better than the carbon made one I am using currently.

Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost...

To kick things off with the collective I have uploaded an image, of what came to my mind with the phrase forgotten corner. For me it is a place specifically isolated, hidden away from all knowledge of people but known to the few that know where to look, also I deem it something special when you have or know of something that is unobserved, similar to a little secret. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not everything goes according to your plan...

No, it doesn't. Unfortunately not. And everyone tries to find a way of dealing with difficult situations.
This is a way I dealt with it. I guess you can imagine what is was about. So there it is. I'm sure many people will find themselves in there.

Time-lapse of the process

Poster dedicated to the Forgotten corner

What is Forgotten corner? Place abandoned, left behind, not looked after, not taken care of. Everyone looked at it in a different way. Well this is what I saw when I kept saying it over and over again in my head. A place that used to be packed with people, a place that used to be fun....but for some reason it's not anymore. Now a place with something creepy around. With all the glamour gone forever. The Forgotten corner. 
Little insight of the process

New Illustration!

Since finishing University in July, asides from a long holiday I've been working into my portfolio, so this will be the first of many new pieces being added to the site!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012